About Sally Longley

Sally Longley is a Spiritual Director and retreat leader
currently on leave from the staff of the Canisius Centre for Ignatian Spirituality in Pymble, Sydney, Australia.

Sally has been involved as a Spiritual Director since 2004 and both facilitates silent retreats, and is a speaker at conferences for different denominations on issues such as “Praying for Friends and Enemies”, “Healthy Approaches to Conflict”, “Wisdom for Daily Living”, “Lessons from Philippians”, “A Spiritual Anatomy of Pain”, and “Unmasking Ourselves”, “Spiritual Direction as Justice and Peace-making”. Sally Longley is qualified as a Giver of the Ignatian Exercises, and regularly facilitates labyrinth walks and labyrinth retreats.

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Sally Longley has also been on the formation team for the Residential Program for Spiritual Direction, a four-year course forming spiritual directors. She is currently the President of the Australian Network for Spiritual Direction and a former member of the Australian Ecumenical Council for Spiritual Direction.